Vince Staples went on a little twitter tirade today, venting about the fact that he's often grouped in with conscious rap. The West Coast rapper's debut album, Summertime '06, has quickly become a critic-favorite, with Vince blending a gangsta West Coast aesthetic with his insightful rhymes-- perhaps the insight he provides has led people to calling him a conscious rapper, but apparently Vince doesn't fuck with that label.

On twitter Vince wrote, "I am highly offended by the term conscious rap don't associate me with that." He continued, "Like what does that even mean? You're telling me everybody else is unconscious? Sound like some bullshit if you ask me. I rather be based s/o Lil B. Fuck the words conscious and lyrical y'all extra. It's music."

See more of his tweets below. What's your stance on conscious vs. unconscious?