Vince Staples' promotional tour for his upcoming album Big Fish Theory has been interesting to say the least. However, a recent interview with Vulture yielded some fascinating revelations, including one about Eminem himself.

When talking about the Wikipedia entry for Theory, Staples implies that you can't trust much of what you read online - after all, he's listed as a feature on an Eminem album and, according to Staples, he's never met the legend in his life.

When asked if Em was an influence on his work, Vince was blunt in his response: "Oh hell no." He elaborated a little on that statement, saying, "I like 8 Mile though, I love it. I love 8 Mile. And I liked "My Name Is" when I was a kid, and I really liked "Without Me." [...] The funny thing is that, no one really cares. They just want to say, 'Look what I know.'"

Big Fish Theory drops on June 23rd.