Last week (June 2), Vince Staplesshared the tracklist to his upcoming debut album, Summertime '06, on Twitter, including all 10 track names in one tweet. 

Today, four days later, Vince has done the same thing-- but with 10 new tracks, letting us know that Summertime '06 will be a double LP. As with the Disc 1 tracklist, none of the new tracks Vince has shared include any features. Though it will be surprising if Vince goes featureless on his Def Jam debut, no matter who's on the record, we're more than ready for 20 tracks of Vince Staples. 

Find the full tracklist to the double album below. 

Disc 1

1. Ramona Park Legend Pt. 1
2. Lift Me Up
3. Norf Norf
4. Birds & Bees
5. Loca
6. Lemme Know
7. Dopeman
8. Jump Off The Roof
9. Señorita
10. Summertime

Disc 2

1. Ramona Park Legend Pt 2
2. 3230
3. Surf
4. Might Be Wrong
5. Get Paid
6. Street Punks
7. Hang N Bang
8. Coldest N*gga Breathing
9. Like It Is
10. ’06

Summertime '06 is out on June 30. 

Who's looking forward to Vince's debut?