As you may know, ComplexCon 2018 recently kicked off festivities this weekend. The event took place in Long Beach, California and featured a panel discussion between some of the coastal city's most prominent luminaries: Snoop Dogg and Vince Staples

After taking to the stage, Staples sat down with Snoop to explore a variety of topics with both rapper's weaving concepts from within and outside the realm of hip-hop throughout. Vince proved to be the insightful and humorous speaker that fans have come to recognize him as and is said to have moved effortlessly through subjects with his elder.  The two musicians reportedly explored everything from Snoop's Death Row days, his ability to remain relevant, a generational divide in hip-hop and the current state of the music industry with Vince suggesting that record executives are pleased by the evident blur between "projects," albums, and mixtapes. The pair even managed to squeeze in a joke about Snoop's hangout sessions with Martha Stewart.

Though he only just released his latest album FM! yesterday, much to the delight of his fans, Vince casually mentioned that he is prepared to drop a great deal of music that he has stored away —approximately 4 albums' worth. According to Complex, Vince declared that fans should expect a new album in January and another in June.