The Long Beach, California MC really didn't care to give too much effort in answering the questions providing during his 'ask me anything.' To be fair, the questions asked lacked a certain depth and if you can't give enthusiastic questions, you're unlikely to get an enthusiastic response. Many found it pretty funny while others were hurt by his apathy. 

"I am absolutely baffled by his delivery during the AMA, which is filled with poor answers, classless attitude and no effort. Even though I understand he was not interested and was probably forced to partake in it, that is no excuse for not even trying when it comes to your loyal fans and followers. I feel genuinely ill for people pretending not to be offended by this miserable display and portraying it as a normal outcome of such events," says one fan.

 The 23-year old rapper went on Twitter afterwards to apologize, sort of: "everybody who didn't like my answers on Reddit AMA, I wanna say 'lol' and 'my bad.' You can only answer 'who you wanna collab with' and 'where's earl sweatshirt' questions so many times."

Does anyone have a right to be offended by his actions?