There's been an overwhelming amount of Kanye West in the news lately. The rapper made his return to Twitter which indicated that he was readying the release of his forthcoming album. While he has announced several projects, he also revealed his support for Trump which upset plenty of his fans. In the midst of all of this, Vince Staples was randomly involved after a story written from his perspective was posted to a satirical website. The story finds Vince describing a night where he faked a relationship with Kendall Jenner in an attempt to save Kanye West from the Kardashian household. Unfortunately, the story is too good to be true and the rapper confirmed this on Twitter.

The "Big Fish" rapper took to Twitter to finally address the bizarre story of him trying to save Kanye West. The rapper has confirmed that it is indeed a fake story and requested his fans to stop posting it online.

"Stop reposting that fake article by the way. I would never take an Uber to roscoes don’t insult me like that." He wrote.

The story's been surfacing for several days at this point and many have actually believed it. Vince later said that he doesn't do press anymore.

"I don’t do press unless it’s in print and I stopped doing that last year." He wrote. "With that being said this is day 4 of a conversation about a fabricated interview on a satire website that nobody ever heard of and I’m starting to think you niggas are actually stupid. Also good morning."

Peep the tweets below.