It's been a busy day for Vince Staples. The man has officially dropped off his spontaneous FM! EP, a fond homage to his roots; early reception seems unanimously favorable, with many wishing the twenty-two-minute runtime was slightly longer. Luckily, it would appear that Staples is not quite finished, and FM! is simply an aperitif of sorts. Today, the Ramona Park rapper took to Beats 1 for a turn behind the mic, premiering Ramona Radio to the masses. During his show, he spoke on a wide variety of topics, including his upcoming "album," Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, and more.

"This is a very special project," he says, of FM!, while alluding to the larger work still to come. "It’s not the album. You’ll have to wait for that. We have a lot of projects. We took the Pharrell ones off this one, we have too many Pharrell ones. Maybe next project.” He continues to tease the former Neptune's involvement, promising "the album coming soon, by the way. Song with Skateboard P.”

Keeping things brief, Staples takes some time to praise the late Mac Miller, claiming his movement inspired him to follow suit. "Rest in peace Mac Miller, vital to this moment," says Vince. "We gon’ let the music talk, because he let the music talk." And for those wondering about Earl's all-too-brief "return," rest assured that there's more where that came from. "Earl Sweatshirt is back," promises Vince. "I said he’s back. Rest in peace to Pops.”

Salute to Vince, and be sure to support FM! right here