It appears that the release of a new Vince Staples album is imminent. 

One month ago, Staples' label revealed that he would be putting out an album "very soon." The newest piece of evidence: a profile on Staples in the March issue of VICE Magazine.

Reddit u/whskymk picked up an issue of the magazine at his local record store and took note of the interview, which has yet to be published online. The profile casually refers to Staples upcoming album with the title Big Fish Theory.

An excerpt:

On "Big Fish Theory," Staples plays with the ideas of conflicting expectations, mixing, for instance, "holy water with the Voss." Lead single "BagBak" declares, "Tell the president to suck a dick because we on now," over a bruisingly huge electronic bass.

The profile's author later opined that "the songs on 'Big Fish Theory' are excellent."

Check out pictures of the VICE profile here. Listen to "Bagbak" below.