Vince Staples' debut album, Summertime '06, was definitely a strong piece of work from the Long Beach native, and received mostly rave reviews, including from us. However did that translate into sales for the young Def Jam signee? Rumors/reports were circulating earlier in the week that Vince's debut moved under 5,000 units opening week, akin to Troy Ave numbers. Vince hopped on twitter to respond to these reports the other day (see that below).

Now we finally have word on the actual sales of Summertime '06, and he definitely one-upped Troy Ave, although he's not making a huge splash on the charts. The album sold, according to HHDX, 13,776 copies, making his Billboard 200 debut at #39. Meanwhile, Meek Mill nabs the coveted #1 spot with DWMTM, and Miguel actually slides right under him at #2 with WILDHEART, moving 48,375 opening week (including streams).

Stay tuned for our more in-depth recap of the weekly sales on Charts Don't Lie (Saturday).