Vince Staples' new album Big Fish Theory drops on June 23rd and his press tour continues to be an interesting one.

Following a slew of interviews where he has given answers that are completely devoid of BS, Staples continued that trend when he sat down with Pitchfork for an in-depth chat. One of the most interesting revelations that he had to offer was the fact that he looks at music (and judges it) like he would an art exhibition.

"I look at an album like an art exhibit, it’s like a solo show. You have different works that you’ve created, song one through song 12 is like painting one through painting 12, sculpture one through sculpture 12, whatever [you] want to call it, right? Now, when you see art on the wall, it’s [coming with] two to three things at the most. It has an artist’s name, the name of the piece, when it was created. So my question would be: Why, in music, is there a need for the artist to explain? I don’t know the answer to those questions; when you walk up to a canvas, you just start painting. You might have a general idea of the colors, of the composition, but certain things come as the process goes. So I don’t ever think into anything that deep. I never say, 'I’m gonna say this specific thing right here, but this is my plight.' I don’t got a plight."

You've got to hand it to Vince: he's about the realest guy in rap right now. It will be interesting if people can still listen to Big Fish Theory and not need to ask too many questions, as he alluded to.