During the press run for his recent album Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples stopped by the Breakfast Club for an interview with Charlamagne, Envy & Angela. Over the course of the conversation, Vince kept it entertaining with his trademark brand of dry wit and no-nonsense demeanor. After setting things off with a discussion on the 2Pac biopic, talk turned to the album, prompting Charlamagne to comment how "some of the production sound like...you ever been to the SLS Hotel on Beverly Hills, when you walk in?"

"Nah, but I drove past there, and it's fly in there," replies Vince. He goes on to say how he wanted to branch off from the traditional rap sound, claiming how he predominantly listens to house music. "I don't wanna be listening to what n*ggas is talkin' about," says Vince, referring to gangsta rap. "I just be gettin' mad." 

For more from Vince, including his disdain for some of gangsta rap's lyrical content, the divide between generational listening habits, and some straight up hilarious insight, check out the full interview here: