From the minute he stepped into the building, it was clear Vince Staples wasn't playing games. The Long Beach rapper actually brought a bottle of his own ranch sauce, so you already know he takes his chicken wings seriously. While Big Fish Theory continues to solidify him as a consistent and innovative voice in hip-hop, Vince has become almost as known for his unique brand of dry humor and endearingly smart-ass wisdom. And don't worry, there's plenty of the latter in this clip.

From the first wing onward, Vince provides a commentary worthy of Chef Gordon Ramsay, analyzing everything from the crunch level the texture of the skin. When talking about having to sign a waiver to eat certain brands of wings, Vince drops this hilarious gem: "if you die off the wings, you's a bitch. If you have a heart attack off the wings? Should have been vegan."

He also gives some straightforward advice to young rappers dealing with overnight success: "I do some songs, I come do some shit like this, I go do a show, and I go home. Save your money, pay your taxes, and don't go to jail."

He also talks about his experience as an avid gamer, dealing with certain younger gamers who hide behind anonymity and flagrantly drop racial slurs. When asked if he'd ever game with Logic, Vince replies with "I'm playin' grown man games. If you can't win a championship or kill nobody in the game, it's not for me bro." Overall, it's an entertaining way to spend twenty minutes, if you're looking to expand your Vince Staples knowledge.