Vince Staples was kind enough to give GQ a portion of his downtime while on tour. As you probably know, the 25-year-old Long Beach rapper isn't one to hold his tongue. As Samuel Hine of GQ deduced from their conversation, Staples maintains a giving character, which goes hand-in-hand with his workmanship mentality. Of course, that doesn't mean Staples is never one to step out of character and pull into reverse gear, as he did on Thanksgiving weekend when he jeered the American public for holding onto problematic ideals.

When asked to provide a list of which artists he's feeling at the moment, Vince was noticeably coy, in saying that he seldom listens to new music. "I listen to music when people I like put an album out. I'll listen to it," he continued. "But I don't really listen to music. I never really read. I've never read a book outside of school. Not that there's anything wrong with reading, it's just not my entertainment preference."

But that's not the only question Hine would ask Staples to induce a deviation from the social norm. Staples revealed that meeting his fans while on tour has been an awkward experience at best. "It's awkward," he elaborated. "I understand why it's awkward, but it is awkward. They make it awkward because they like you and appreciate you so much, so it's hard to have a regular conversation."

As the GQ interview was going to press, Staples has maintained his zany Twitter presence, up to the regular standard. He tweeted that he envisioned Jesus looking something like Aziz Ansari, contrary to the popular belief that J. Cole is the physical embodiment of the saviour prince. Check out the remainder of the GQ interview right here.