It was only a matter of time before Vince Staples started writing scripts. Every interview, every tweet, every bar has evidenced his sharp wit and sense of humor. He has always had a lot to say and it makes sense that it wouldn't be possible to relegate it all to a single creative medium. Whether in the short film for his 2016 Prima Donna EP or his 2018 concept album FM!, Staples has shown his ability to craft narratives and this skill will once again be on display in his all new original series, The Vince Staples Show, premiering this Thursday, August 22. 

The one-minute trailer for the show starts with all-black screen, as Staples is heard providing instructions for some stealthy operation that must be carried out, citing many of the tropes often heard in movies about gangs or mobs. When the characters appear on screen, it is revealed that he was briefing two young boys in the back of his Tesla on how to professionally sell chocolate bars outside of a supermarket. Already, this show seems promising. 

In traditional Vince fashion, not many other details were provided on the show, like whether it will be airing through a network or simply streaming directly via The website gives the option to subscribe by email, so you can be the first to know what the deal with this show is. 

Staples also recently announced that he has left Def Jam after releasing all his projects through them since his 2014 EP, Hell Can Wait. He has now signed with Motown Records, under the Blacksmith Recordings label, which is run by his longtime manager Corey Smyth.