Vince McMahon, WWE chairman and wealthy raconteur, has been rumored to have an interest in bringing some competition back to the world of professional football in order to oppose the NFL. With North America's preeminent football organization dealing with tumbling TV ratings and public outcry over player protests, now would seem like the perfect time. In a statement issued yesterday (December 15th), the WWE revealed what McMahon's investment plans were and it didn't rule out football-related ones.

Via David Bixenspan of Deadspin, the wrestling organization revealed that McMahon is indeed interested in potentially reviving the now-defunct XFL, a pro football league that at one time looked to cut into the NFL's share of the TV revenue and fan devotion. The statement says that the WWE magnate is looking to expand his portfolio acorss multiple entertainment properties, and that includes sports.

At the time, money was certainly one of the reasons for the XFL's downfall and, even if McMahon decides to bring other investors in on the opportunity, there's no telling if it will be enough to dethrone the NFL's multi-billion dollar empire. Still, with owner unrest leading to major infighting between Roger Goodell and many of the league's wealthiest figures, there's no time like the present for McMahon and company to strike. 

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