Vince Carter is a legend of the game and if you believe otherwise, you simply haven't been paying attention. Carter played 22 seasons in the NBA all the way up until the age of 43 and while he may not have always been a top player in the league, his longevity speaks to just how effective he could be at any stage of his career. Of course, most people know him for his otherworldly dunking ability which was put on full display back in the early 2000s while he was playing for the Toronto Raptors.

Now, Carter is stepping back from the court and is looking into a new role. In fact, today it was reported by the New York Post that Carter would officially be joining ESPN as an analyst.

This was a move that many saw coming as Carter brings a wide array of basketball experience to the analyst position. He is someone who can explain the game easily to someone and as a fan-favorite, he will surely make for some great television.

It remains to be seen in what capacity they will use Carter although The Jump and NBA Countdown are certainly two shows he could absolutely excel in.