With the Fast & The Furious 9 release mere weeks away, cast member Vin Diesel is reflecting on the missing piece from the franchise.

The crew took a hard hit when they lost fellow co-star Paul Walker to a fatal car accident in 2013. This is the group’s second film without Walker since the star’s final appearance in Fast & The Furious 7.

Vin Diesel, who plays family-oriented leader Dominic Territo in the films, shared the same sentiments as his character. Walker and Vin Diesel truly had a brotherly bond from working with each other for such a large time, often spending time together with their families.

On Sunday, the star shared a shot sent to him by Paul Walker’s 21-year-old daughter, who told him "how happy the photo makes her feel." The actor took to Instagram to express the memories that this simple photo of the two friends brought back up.

Vin Diesel captioned the photo, "Weeks away from the F9 release... in preproduction for the finale that starts only months from now... @meadowwalker sends me this image and tells me how happy the photo makes her feel. Naturally, one gets filled with emotion, purpose and ultimately gratitude. Eternal brotherhood is a blessing beyond words. Hope to make you proud... All love, Always."

Paul Walker’s legacy continues to be preserved in the F&F franchise through small details referencing his character set to appear in the upcoming film. Fast & The Furious 9 has done exceedingly well internationally and is expected to perform the same in the States upon release on June 25.

Check out the tribute post below.