On nice summer afternoon out by the lake, Vikings' $84 million man fired up the BBQ for some grilling, nothing out the ordinary. Except in this case Cousins' choice of meat, or rather its texture left a lot of people concerned he was charring up something inedible.


Kirk Cousins made no proclamation, nor does he claim to be an expert cook. He probably couldn't sense the implications of  his decision to post a picture of his preparatory feast before it became a laughing stock. A few Instagram users chimed in, asking if he was prepared to chew through human cartilege, like say.. Hannibal Lecter. Others were simply worried for his health, or confused by the shape and color, it's rock-like appearance. 


Will Brunson alluded to cannibalism when pondered the lack of grill marks on the slabs of meat.


One of his detractors (possibly a Redskins' fan) questioned whether he was worse on the grill or in the red zone.


Fans that defended his new $84 million contract were happy to see a critique of his BBQ skills come up instead. 



A post from Memorial Day weekend has also been used in his public roasting. Cousins is pictured relying upon a thermometer to ensure the "desired doneness" of his ribeye flanks. It's ok not to be ok at cooking folks.