George Floyd was unjustly killed by police back in May, and his murder was filmed and posted to social media, which led to widespread protests throughout the United States. Since that time, the protests have continued to go on, even if the media coverage of it all has dissipated. Over the last few months, the sports world has been at the forefront of these discussions about race, particularly the NBA and NFL who have pledged money to help communities that are all too often, left behind.

Floyd's death occurred in Minnesota, which forced the state to reconsider its policing, as well as the way it treats minority groups. The Minnesota Vikings of the NFL are looking to hold officials accountable and today, prior to their season opener, the team held a tribute for Floyd, whose family was in attendance.

These tributes have been frequent over the past few months, with players and teams honoring people like Breonna Taylor, who was also unjustly killed by the police. While some fans have criticized these efforts, there is no denying they are going a long way in bringing awareness to what is going on.

As the NBA and NFL seasons move forward, we will surely see more awareness and action brought to the table.