The docuseries Surviving R. Kelly is slowly but surely destroying the legacy of the R&B singer. Lifetime's series interviewed 50 people who would speak about Kelly's abuse first hand. From victims to witnesses, Kelly's list of accusers and corroborators grew even more once the series was released. Kells is attempting to launch a response, entitled Surviving Lies, although the Facebook page for the response has been taken down. Three of Kells alleged sex slaves were at one of his concerts in 2016, and TMZ has obtained footage that shows the ladies cognizant, willing, and enjoying themselves in the front row. Some are citing Stockholm syndrome.

Joycelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner, and Azriel Clary are dancing and cheering and one of them even gives the singer a high five. The woman recording the clip yells, "Tell your father come over here," joking about the age difference between Kelly and the girls. Savage, Gardner, and Clary were all at least 18 at the time. On Surviving R. Kelly, Gardner's mom convinced her to run away from Kelly. Clary and Savage still live with the singer. Savage has been on social media defending her choice to stay with Kelly for some time now, but Clary's parents reported her as a missing person.