Victoria Monet is a prolific songwriter. Although the singer does a lot of work behind the scenes, her fans don't often get to hear about how she creates magic with her collaborators. Her most recent success came through her working with Ariana Grande. The long-time collaborators and friends wrote the highly personal song called, "thank u, next." 

She hasn't yet really grasped the impact of the number 1 track.

I’m not sure that I’m comprehending it quite yet. Honestly, sometimes I forget because Ariana is my friend until she goes out in the world and starts releasing the music that we’ve done. We’re chilling at the house, in onesies, watching silly movies, being regular people. When we put our ideas into the world it becomes this massive thing in her life and in everyone’s world and it's like huh?

Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester/Getty Images

Apparently, the hit would not have materialized without their friendship.

Since I’m her friend I know that she always says, “Thank you, next.” She says “thank you, next” all the time. I started singing, [starts singing] “Thank you, next.” We were trying to make harmonies to the next part and she’s like “Bitch, are you saying thank u, next?” So we started writing the concept based on that title. It’s so her. I wouldn’t have come up with that if I were in the room with someone else.

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