Vic Mensa - When a Fire Starts to Burn (Remix)

  February 10, 2014 18:52
When a Fire Starts to Burn (Remix)
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Vic Mensa goes in over Disclosure's "When A Fire Starts To Burn".

Disclosure are gradually infiltrating the rap game, teaming up with Mary J. Blige and Bishop Nehru on some recent releases. They also gave emerging Chicago rapper Vic Mensa an opening slot on their tour, and he's paid them back with a remix to the opening track from their album, "When A Fire Starts To Burn".

Coming from a city where hip hop and electronic music have always overlapped, Mensa holds his own on the deep house beat, which is certainly one of the more rap-able cuts from their album.

Mensa's INNANETAPE was one of the best tapes out last year, and is very much worth your time if you haven't checked it out yet.

Quotable lyrics:

Cut your whole teeth like Kesha
Paper boy, extra extra
Read all about it
Plus the Mack 10 on the dresser
Plus I'm Sam L., I'm comin to get ya


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