Fresh off the release of his new album The Autobiography, Vic Mensa is letting the world know which celebrities he endorses and who he doesn't.

Speaking with TMZ, Mensa was asked about Justin Bieber's cancellation of his remaining tour dates, a decision that affects Mensa, who was meant to open for Bieber on the road, financially. After a small pause to contemplate, Mensa said he wasn't pissed off about the evaporation of those tour stops, instead sympathizing with Bieber's disposition. "[He's] been on tour for two-and-a-half years straight, touring the same album. That can be exhausting,"

The young rapper did not, however, come to the defense of fellow Chicago artist R. Kelly. Mensa called him a "scumbag" and a "very dirty man", adding that he thinks Kelly "needs to be locked away forever." Talk about drawing a line in the sand.

Check out the full video from TMZ below.