Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has faced a lot of backlash and criticism from many people from Chicago, especially those from the inner cities. Yesterday, he announced that he wouldn't be running for re-election which was met with praise from Chance The Rapper. Now, Vic Mensa has chimed in on the conversation. 

Vic Mensa couldn't be happier about Rahm Emanuel's decision to not run for re-election. Vic recently spoke to TMZ about the Emanuel and slammed him for being a corrupt career politician.

"I feel like the opportunity for new possibilities is amazing," Vic said. "Rahm Emanuel's been nothing but a slimy dog in his time as the mayor of Chicago. [He's] been a very dishonest career politician. He's in it for power. I personally never felt that he was eligible to even be the mayor of Chicago being that he's not from Chicago."

Vic Mensa shared a few examples why he believes Rahm Emanuel failed as the mayor of Chicago including the fact that he shut down schools and mental facilities and also cited Emanuel's alleged role in hiding the the police footage of Lacquan McDonald's shooting from the public.

Emanuel was voted as mayor in 2011 but was faced with controversy due to the fact that many didn't think he lived in Chicago long enough -- which Mensa brought up earlier. Earlier this week, he revealed he wouldn't be running for a third term.

Check what Vic had to say below.