In the hour leading up to the release of his video for "U Mad," Vic Mensa opened his Tumblr to fan questions. Everything from the overly absurd ("do you like trains?") to the overly sincere ("do you believe in God?) was answered in a candid fashion, but we did manage to learn a thing or two from the Q&A. 

It seems the most common question was "would you ever collab with (insert favorite artist here)," with fans calling out for music with the likes of ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, and Kid Cudi.

As far as answers go, the most interesting came from a user looking for a Beyoncé collaboration. As we've seen from the "Feelin' Myself" video, Mensa has found himself in Yonce's circle, and while it doesn't seem the two have any collaborations in the works, the rapper revealed that Bey "loves" his song "Rage From Traffic," which he also hinted may serve as the next single.

Following the release of Surf last week, one fan asked if Vic would do any more work with Donnie Trumpet, to which he replied, "me and nico are going to get back at it. we got magic".

Check out some of highlights from the Q&A in the gallery above. Y'all excited for the album?