Despite him releasing a new song in response to all the controversy surrounding his diss against XXXTentacion at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, Vic Mensa is still a target for an inordinate amount of hate. His track "Empathy" was released as a direct response to all the drama going on after he made reference to XXXTentacion during his cypher at the awards show. A few unlikely sources, like Stitches, have threatened violence on the Chicago artist if they see him in the streets and today, it was rumored that Vic had gotten stabbed or shot. Thankfully, Mensa hit up Instagram to let everybody know he's doing just fine. 

"I hear people saying I got stabbed, I got shot," says Vic Mensa before continuing, "They looking for me. I just wanna let y'all know I'm aight." The rapper lifted up his shirt to reveal no stab or gunshot wounds. "Still alive n***a, rock solid, you know how it is," he closed. Many have been threatening Vic ever since the rumors first came out that he may have dissed the late Floridian rapper. Now that we know exactly what he said, the hate against him has only intensified.

We're glad that Vic is doing alright. Hopefully, this doesn't escalate into something violent.