Vic Mensa has never been one to hold his tongue against political and social injustices that not only go on in America but globally. A few weeks back, he shared the video for "We Could Be Free" featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Mensa nor Ty featured in the video for it but was shot in a more guerrilla style. Today, Vic Mensa comes through with a re-vamped version of the video that he premiered via Apple Music. 

Vic Mensa premieres the alternative version of "We Could Be Free" via Apple Music. The original video he shared a few weeks back was much more candidly shot as he showcases the issues going on in Palestine during his visit while showing the similarities between racial violence in America. As today marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Vic comes through with a new set of visuals that highlight the current racial issues going on in America right now. It's a solid video from Vic Mensa that not only helps his song come to life but also highlights what our world would be without division among one another. 

It's clear that Vic Mensa's trip to Palestine had a deep impact on him aside from the other set of visuals he released. The rapper also recently shared an essay he wrote for Time Magazine where he drew comparisons between how the people of Palestine are treated and how African-Americans in the U.S. are treated especially in some Chicago neighborhoods as well as Flint, Michigan. Read more on that here.

You could watch the "You Could Be Free" visuals on Apple Music here and a 2 minute snippet of the video below.