Vic Mensa Praises Eminem's "Demented, Detailed Narratives" & More

Mitch Findlay
November 27, 2017 16:09

Vic Mensa shows some love to one of the greats.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Vic Mensa, who has been accompanying Jay-Z on the ongoing 4:44 tour. While Mensa is widely known as one of hip-hop's most politically conscious young voices, often speaking out about the violence in Chicago and the atrocities of police brutality, it's always interesting to pick a rapper's brain on an purely artistic level. As it stands, the Autobiography rapper is influenced by another politically-outspoken emcee, Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem.

"I'm just inspired by Eminem's songwriting in general and his storytelling," says Vic. "Eminem, I feel, he just like painted these demented, detailed narratives, and as a storyteller, to have that attention to detail and that continuity and flow in the picture that I'm painting is important to me." It's some big praise coming from Vic, who showcases his own aptitude for storytelling on songs like "Homewrecker." "I really like the storytelling shit, that's my favorite stuff to do," continues Vic. "It kind of writes itself once you get into it...This is what happens, A leads to B leads to C." 

For more from Vic, including his thoughts on politics, his upcoming music, and certain collaboration with Travis Barker, be sure to check out the interview in full.

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