BET's "Rate The Bars" has emerged as an entertaining piece of original content, and today, Vic Mensa has come through with a new installment.

Though he professes to ride with Pusha, it seems as if he mistakenly attributes Drake's "Duppy" bars to Push. Upon reciting the "Calicos to the Alamo" scheme, Vic excitedly proclaims that "I fuck with Pusha, that's my n***a. If push come to shove, no pun intended, I'm always riding with Pusha. This a great bar, this a five." Perhaps he simply valued Drake's worth as a competitor, but his words appear to signify a misunderstanding. 

From that point on, the spotlight seems to shift toward some Chicago talent, with Vic praising Mick Jenkin's ability to bring "Lemony Snicket" to hip-hop. In any case, he clearly appreciates the lyrically inclined, concluding his breakdown with a take on J. Cole's "Motivate." Upon reciting the "Keep the peace like Dalai Lama, big body Hummers" bars, Vic smiles, saying "that sounds great. This a great bar." After agreeing that keeping the piece like the Dalai Lama is indeed hard, he concludes that "you may as well slide in a big body Hummer." However, that won't stop Mensa from quietly judging your lack of environmental awareness.

"When I see somebody in a Hummer in 2018, I be like 'shame on you," admits Mensa. Despite that, Vic still comes through with the five star rating. Peep the video below.