Vic Mensa got his biggest break to date by singing on Kanye West's "Wolves", which will appear on So Help Me God. The collaboration doesn't stop there, though, as Kanye will also lend a verse to Vic's upcoming album.

Last month, during a show in Kanye show in London, the two Chicagoans teased a song that we know now is titled "U Mad". Last night, at DJ gig in Chicago, Vic played "U Mad" again, and we can now hear Kanye's full verse. 

Going off the snippet below, the song continues the same attitude of "All Day", with Kanye at his most unapologetic. Case in point: "There go another lawsuit / In court so much, man, I should've gone to law school / Everybody brawlin', it was all cool / 'Til I hit the bartender with the barstool". 

Though "U Mad" could reasonably appear on So Help Me God, it is, as mentioned, a Vic Mensa featuring Kanye West single, which only makes us more excited for Vic's next album. The track is reportedly produced by Smoko Ono, of Vic's SAVEMONEY crew, and D Phelps, another young Chicago producer. 

Listen to the snippet below, and tell us what you think of "U Mad".