Vic Mensa has made no secret of his alternative tastes, with musical preferences ranging far beyond hip-hop. In that regard, it's no surprise that Vic has officially formed a band in order to tread a different ground altogether. The group, called 93PUNX, has officially kicked off their run with a cover of The Cranberries' iconic single "Zombie," in honor of the deceased singer Delores O'Riordan.

The alternative take, which finds Mensa and company reimagining the grunge-tinged protest anthem in a hazy, light, employs a droning, atmospheric backdrop. While guitars remain within the arrangement, their role is altogether reduced from the original; that's not to say the classic "Zombie" essence is absent, but it's certainly a different interpretation. Of course, Riordan's passionate vocals remain difficult to match, though Mensa's quiet baritone offers a solid, complimentary attempt. Check it out below, and see for yourself.

It's as of yet unclear whether or not 93PUNX will be carrying on with a deeper run of releases. Do you hope to see Mensa carry on in this capacity?