It looks like Vic Mensa is changing his tone when it comes to Tekashi 6ix9ine. Just days after the Chicago rapper threatened the “FeFe” rapper with these hands, and asked to see him in the streets after Tekashi dissed him & Chicago, Vic says it was all a misunderstanding. In fact, Vic says he was talking about “come see him” at Street Fighter the video game, and not actually fight. However he says this with a smile as if still meant what he said, but was protecting his image.

Speaking with TMZ Friday afternoon, Vic said: “that was all a big misunderstanding. I was talking about play me in Street Fighter,” he said with a smile.

“Im just sensitive about the city man. You know Chicago is a city that has a lot of adversity, and so I feel like its the duty of us that rep the city to protect it. But I'm all about peace. I was talking about video games,” he added. “I think we gotta put positive energy into the world and we definitely don't want to see young man get, young rappers lose they lives like what happened to X. So its important to put positive energy into the world, the negative catches up to you.”

Check out his brief, one-minute chat with TMZ (below) and let us know what you think.