United Airlines must have a thing against rappers, because just a few weeks after giving Wale a hard time and causing the MMG rapper to miss his flight, the airlines reportedly kicked off Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa from his flight on Monday afternoon as well, which happened to be on his 23rd birthday too.

Vic took to twitter to vent his frustration following the incident, stating he was talking to a depressed fan on the phone when he was kicked off his flight. Vic says he was talking on the phone before the flight even took off obviously, believing he was doing nothing wrong. He tweeted...

“Thnx United for kicking me off my flight for talking to a depressed fan who needed help on the phone when the plane wasn’t even flying yet.”

Angrily, Vic asked his fans & followers to tweet at United, and tell them to “fuck off for kicking Vic off his flight on his birthday.” He captioned the hashtag #FuckUnitedAirlines

As a result, Vic was able to get a response from United Airlines on twitter as they asked him to DM them specific details of the situation. It appears now cooler heads have prevailed as Vic has since deleted the tweets.

However, you can see a screenshot of the tweets in the gallery above. Check it out.