Don't let Vic Mensa's Hooligans album cover deceive you. The man has bars for days. Some may be unwilling to dole out props accordingly, given his relatively complex relationship with the under-twenty-one crowd; not to mention, his identity seems in constant flux, which explains the sudden fascination with leather. Still, Mensa has been spitting for a minute, as his day one fans can surely attest. It's only been in recent times that the narrative has shifted, yet perhaps such tidings will ultimately work to Mensa's advantage. After all, who doesn't love an underdog story?

Today, Mensa took to the LA Leakers studio for a lyrical sparring session, taking to Lil Wayne's mixtape jam "Spitter" to unleash nearly five minutes to straight bars. Off the jump, it's clear that Mensa has nothing to lose, and raps accordingly. "Catch a clip like a Nikon, clapping like a ton of lights on," spits Mensa, with the setup. "Lights off, then drive off in a White Porsche, leave white chalk / we don't let bygones be bygones, we buy guns with extensions." 

As the session continues, Vic heats up with a slew of flows, proving that he remains a formidable lyricist in this game, like it or not. Peep the entire freestyle below, and much respect to Mensa for holding it down.