Vic Mensa's anti-XXXTentacion tirade has made him public enemy number one in the eyes of many. Vic seems unfazed in the face of increasing hostility; in fact, the Autobiography rapper has embraced the smoke with open arms, inviting all challengers to throw down upon his return to North American soil. Though ego and pride make up dominant elements of the hip-hop community, it feels as if Mensa's decision to throw gasoline on the fire is unwise; it would be a shame for escalating tension to explode into violence. Sadly, such a conclusion feels inevitable.

For one, there are several parties likely to make good on Mensa's challenge. Trippie Redd has already challenged Vic to "pull up," and now Stitches has thrown his hat into the ring. Taking to Instagram, the tattooed rapper posted a lengthy message to Mensa, dubbing him "dog shit" among other disparaging remarks.

"I’m going to slap the dog shit out of you," he writes, taking a theme and committing to it. "Speaking on a dead man you peice of shit. @xxxtentacion is a legend. Your dog shit . The fact that you did it infront of his mom is disrespect. I put it on my kids you better never see me in person fuck boy." Clearly, Stitches has no intention of backing down, and given Mensa's own stubborn adherence to a violent conclusion, the situation appears likely to turn left fast. Hopefully cooler heads can prevail, and both parties can simply decide to live and let live.