A few days ago, Vic Mensa found himself making headlines under morally questionable circumstances. During a performance in the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher, he reportedly took a shot at the late XXXTentacion, with particular emphasis on his domestic abuse allegations. The fact that X's mother was in attendance did little to help Mensa's cause, and the fallout has since proven volatile. Many in X's inner circle immediately set their sights on Mensa with varying degrees of hostility; Denzel Curry tweeted vocal displeasure, while Trippie Redd straight up challenged Mensa to fisticuffs. 

Though Mensa previously issued an apology of sorts, he has maintained adamant in his stance against abuse. The ostensible lack of compassion for the late XXXTentacion has kept Mensa's name atop many a sh*t-list, a place he seems surprisingly comfortable occupying. Case in point, Mensa has taken to Instagram to essentially challenge his detractors. "All I'm saying is, I'm on a plane leaving South Korea," says Vic. "Who want to fight me though?" He smiles, embracing the "heel" persona like the wrestlers of yore. "Really though?"

He might have a long list of responses to sift through. Given the heat he's since been catching, it's entirely possible that Mensa's return to American soil is akin to Tekken's "The King Of Iron Fist Tournament." Hopefully this situation can dissipate before further violence is reached; either way, Mensa seems to relish in the prospect of a challenge.