If you been paying attention to the news lately following the horrific incident at Parkland High School a couple weeks ago, you probably seen that politicians & our very own President thinks it would be a good idea to arm the teachers in schools to prevent future school shootings from happening. Of course many people think that’s a ridiculous idea, and one particular rapper thinks so too, and that’s Chicago’s own Vic Mensa.

On Monday, TMZ caught up with Vic out in West Hollywood, where he voiced his opinion on the idea of teachers carrying guns at school. “Giving guns to teachers is absolutely asinine. It’s so backwards, it’s like anyone saying that clearly never been to a public school, and it’s all just a diversion from big money lobbyist with the NRA,” Vic said.

The Roc Nation rapper believes it’s not a real game plan or logical solution to fixing the problem, but rather a distraction from the assault weapons issue. He also added that AR-15’s needed to be banned completely.

“Point blank you gotta ban AR-15’s point blank. You don't need an AR-15 to kill a deer, you don’t,” Vic says.

Vic doesn’t believe it’s a complicated issue, but with America built off money & greed, he says it doesn't always have to be that way. Vic also mentioned that he’s a legal gun owner and fighting a case in California, but he’s definitely not with the teachers carrying a gun in schools.

The Chicago rapper makes more than a couple good points here. Check out his opinion on the gun control matter in schools (below).