Verse Simmonds - In My House (Remix) Feat. 2 Chainz

  October 04, 2016 16:49
In My House (Remix)
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2 Chainz hops on Verse Simmonds' "To All The Girls" highlight.

Verse SimmondsTo All The Girls is one of the more underrated R&B releases of the year, and today, 2 Chainz is here to tell you to pay attention. Tity 2 Necklace has hopped on "In My House," one of the brighter and more jovial records of the collection -- pair that with a potentially comedic concept and you've got a perfect template for the rapper to do what he does best.

"In My House" is a supremely catchy PSA to side-chicks, advising against pictures, texts, and left items while staying at Verse's place. 2 Chainz adds a playful flow to the mix, providing some punchlines that only he could come up with -- "yeah my sex is conceded, shawty, my dick is still stuck up."

You can stream Verse's new album here.

Quotable Lyrics:
All that makeup on
Gonna get somebody in trouble
All this evidence, baby
Somebody gonna get busted
Somebody gonna get cussed out
All they windows get bust out
Even though it's my crib
She tellin' me 'get the fuck out'

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