Instagram has become one of the most popular social media applications globally, as it registers an unprecedented 800 million users on a monthly basis. However, some recent updates have left users unimpressed, including algorithmic media feeds as opposed to chronological ones, as well as other additions that are obviously influenced by Snapchat. 

However, Vero, the latest development in social media to procure a healthy dose of buzz, may be a stiff competitor for Instagram in the foreseeable future. The app essentially allows its users to upload whatever form of media they prefer, whether its a photo or a film. Posts are shown in chronological order, which will likely satisfy a bevy of users frustrated with Instagram's recent adjustments. Furthermore, images do not have to be cropped in order to be shared, as they can be uploaded in their original ratio without having to manipulate the original image. 

Vero is promising that it won't become advertisement heavy, but will have to charge a fee in order to keep the app afloat; although, the first one million users will get free access to Vero for life. 

The company has been around since 2015, and has slowly but surely amassed a larger network of users who are seeking a more immersive social media platform. While Vero may be gaining in popularity, their speedy expansion has inevitably led to some scaling issues, which has caused the application to malfunction on the regular. Vero must bolster their underlying infrastructure if they plan on acquiring new users and dethroning the current reigning benchmarks of social media.