Tom Hardy is gearing up to erase the memory of Topher Grace's horrible rendition of Venom. The popular Marvel symbiote is possibly Spider-Man's greatest nemesis, but most people have the sharp-toothed alien all wrong. Outside of the comic book world, many people view Venom as a villain, but that isn't true. Eddie Brock, the most famous host of the symbiote, spent years as a vigilante in San Fransico, protecting the weak from looming danger. The reluctant hero story is the one that will be portrayed in the upcoming Venom movie. 

A new trailer for Venom was released today, and it gives fans more than a simple glimpse at the titular character. The first teaser trailer didn't show Venom at all, while the second trailer gave fans a quick, but amazing, view of the symbiote at the end. This latest trailer releases a mountain of new footage to digest, and Riz Ahmed's villain Riot also gets some screen time. Although we all know that more than one villain will pop up in this film, I'm glad that Sony isn't revealing too much in the trailer. It would be epic to see the seeds of Carnage planted in this film, and one could only hope that Woody Harrelson will become the infamously vicious villain. Check out the new trailer below, and watch Venom when it hits theaters on October 5.