Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has already published its NBA title odds for the 2018-2019, a year ahead of time. Strangely enough, the decision was made to post their findings before the completion of the 2018 NBA Finals. LeBron James potential departure seems factors heavily in the order of placement, namely the Cleveland Cavaliers' 8th place finish. Of course, if he bails on Cleveland, the team could fare much worse.

A few interesting are inherently visible by way of the pecking order. Houston is expected to follow up in 2nd place, even with major roster decision on the horizon. The Boston Celtics fall behind Philadelphia, a team they conquered in the 2nd round of this year's postseason. The Lakers are expected to contend, without the reassurance they'll add any free agents. The Cavaliers drop to 8th, one spot above the Raptors, who were the #1 seed going into the playoffs. And lastly, the Indiana Pacers get the gas face from bookkeepers after really turning up in 2018 with a roster that looks to be appreciating with age. If I were Victor Oladipo, I'd be a little incensed if my team was given the same probability as the lowly Knicks. Of course, the odds will fluctuate over the course of season, and maybe even after the Larry O'Brien trophy is awarded to either the Warriors' or Cavs.

Opening Odds For 2019 NBA Championship

Golden State 5/4
Houston 7/2
Philadelphia 7/2
Boston 8/1
San Antonio 25/1
Los Angeles 20/1
Miami 20/1
Cleveland 30/1
Toronto 40/1
Utah 60/1
Portland 80/1
Oklahoma City 60/1
New Orleans 80/1
Minnesota 80/1
Denver 100/1
Milwaukee 100/1
Washington 100/1
New York 100/1
Indiana 100/1
Los Angeles (Clippers) 100/1
Phoenix 200/1
Charlotte 300/1
Detroit 300/1
Brooklyn 300/1
Sacramento 300/1
Chicago 300/1
Dallas 300/1
Memphis 500/1
Orlando 500/1
Atlanta 1000/1