New Year's Eve parties are the norm, with several celebrities, companies, and everyday folk taking part in festivities. Ushering in the new year was a little different with the pandemic going on, but there were virtual shows and live performances that still took place. However, the president through his own New Year's Eve party with no regard for social distancing or the pandemic at all. 

Partygoers who paid six-figures to attend Donald Trump's New Year's Eve bash were left to party with Rudy Giuliani and Vanilla Ice. The bash took place at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Around 500 tickets were sold, and Vanilla Ice was one of the headliners for the party. Donald Trump did not attend the event, as he was in Washington. Trump's two sons filled in for him, and tons of conservative media were also in attendance. The attendees were mostly maskless

Vanilla Ice showed his support for Trump after rumors started speculating that the president would build a library in Palm Beach. "I don’t know Donald Trump Junior., don’t understand why they said that?," tweeted Vanilla Ice of the rumors that he and Trump Jr. were in talks. "But if they want me to build a library In Palm Beach on the ocean, I’m in." Currently, Dave Franco is set to play Vanilla Ice in a biopic