Vanessa Bryant was feeling thankful this week that the murals of her late husband and late daughter, Kobe and Gianna Bryant, did not get vandalized during the protests in L.A. this past week. As protestors across the country have taken to looting and destroying some businesses and property as they fight for justice in the police killing of George Floyd, it looks like the Angelenos thankfully left the murals of the city's Lakers legend alone. Vanessa took to her Instagram stories on Monday (June 2nd) to share some photos of the "untouched" murals, some of which also include her late daughter, Gianna.

kobe bryant vanessa bryant mural los angeles lakers untouched vandalism protests riots gianna gigiEmma McIntyre/Getty Images

She first shared footage of a mural that depicts Kobe and their daughter, Natalia, being saved in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. She went on to share a screenshot of a tweet that read, "They know Kobe is off-limits" along with a photo of a Kobe mural with signs that say "Black Owned" on either side. Vanessa proceeded to post photos of different murals of Kobe and Gigi, both together and individually, that had been saved around L.A. In some of the captions, she wrote expressions of gratitude like, "Kobe and Gigi mural saved," "Untouched Kobe mural," and "L.A. love," along with an abundance of heart emojis. Check out the photos here.

Earlier this week, Vanessa shared a photo in response to George Floyd's horrific murder, which showed Kobe wearing a shirt that reads "I Can't Breathe." The photo was taken back in 2014 after the police murder of Eric Garner who, like George Floyd, also cried out that he couldn't breathe while a police officer suffocated him to death.