A man driving a white van veered off road and plowed a slew of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk of the Yonge and Finch intersection. As a result, 10 innocent civilians were killed, with another 15 being treated for injuries in relation to the driver's reckless abandon. 

The suspect and vehicle operator, who has since been identified as Alek Minassin of Richmond Hill, was detained by police and is in custody. However, police officers are still trying to determine Minassin's motivations behind his homicidal rampage. 

Investigators are hoping that further probing will unearth why the 25 year-old perpetrated the incident. As of now, police officials are not deeming this an act of terrorism, with Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale revealing that "there would appear to be no national security connection." Additionally, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders admits that "it's very clear just from a general perspective to say that the actions definitely look deliberate."

Minassin struck his victims with a white Ryder rental van, and has no previous criminal record. Although, an American law enforcement official who had been following the event as it occurred revealed that Minassin was known to US authorities.