DaBaby might have taken a dramatic hit to his career these past couple of weeks after making homophobic and inaccurate comments about people living with HIV and AIDS. After doubling down on his opinion and choice words, several festivals and high-profile events have dropped the NC rapper from performing at their show. DaBaby has since tried to apologize for his comments, but it’s a little too late. As of today, there’s been at least six festivals who have cancelled DaBaby’s performance on their lineup, ultimately costing him a lot of money in the process.

Jerritt Clark/ Getty Images

Well following the pushback from fans, former TMZ personality Van Lathan is now sharing his thoughts on the matter, saying these festivals are big corporations who care about the money. He also added that the black community needs to set standards for each other and stick to them like the LGBQT community does for one another. He ended the length opinion by saying “stop backflipping to excuse bad behavior. It just stunts growth”

“If you don’t like violent rap or trap then stop listening to it. But don’t conflate issues,” he captioned the post. Read Van Lathan’s thoughts on it all below: