Earlier this year, G.O.O.D Music's Valee made quite the impression with his surprisingly influential GOOD Job, You Found Me EP. In fact, plenty of rappers have drawn inspiration from Valee's deliberately lackadaisical delivery, with names likes Tyler, The Creator, Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, Lil Pump, and Smokepurpp being thrown into the discourse. Though some have written the laid-back lyricist off, others have grown fond of Valee's unique style, largely through bangers like "Juice & Gin" and the Jeremih-assisted "Womp Womp." In any case, his absence has been noted, especially after a flurry of G.O.O.D Music activity this summer. 

Luckily, Valee has emerged from the hidey-hole for an update, and his tidings are welcome indeed. "Droppin at least 2 projects before the year ova," he assures fans, "plz b patient." Aye, Valee, that we can do. It's unclear whether or not these projects will be albums of EPs, though where G.O.O.D Music is concerned, they're kind of the same thing. Keep an eye out for Valee's upcoming efforts, regardless of what they might be.