It is common for artists to take cues from each other across genres. There is no wonder why fans often notice some kind of monotony in some of their favorite artist's work due to a sonic trend. Still, it can be upsetting to some when their icon is straight up getting robbed. This is how many people felt about Valee

As the Chicago kid's professional career steadily gains steam with bangers like "Womp Womp," his following becomes increasingly more vocal about other rappers biting his flow. Even Trippie Redd is calling out the biters. The rappers they accuse of being biters aren't small time either. Big successes like Nicki Minaj, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Tyler, the Creator and Lil Pump are all part of the supposed poser party.

Valee gives them their proper dues while coyly throwing shade. He seems unbothered about the ordeal, yet still slightly annoyed.

"So when I listen to it [...] I never get the time to get mad because I’m so happy that they didn’t do it right. Anybody that uses the flow—Tyler, the Creator, 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj—no matter how big they are, it just makes me happy because you’re so big but you can’t do something right."