An upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition has caused many people to discuss the topic of domestic violence. On Wednesday (July 29), the show's host, Dr. Ish, posted a clip from the reality series that showed rapper Vado and his girlfriend Tahiry sitting next to each other as she discussed their issues. Then, Vado jumps up out of his seat, grabs Tahiry by the front of her shirt, and yanks her as he yells at her. While other cast members were in the room for the group therapy session at the time, Dr. Ish was the only person to leap into action, pulling Vado off of Tahiry and walking him out of the room.

Tahiry, Vado, Marriage Boot Camp
Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

Later, Tahiry addressed the incident on Instagram. "Let me be CLEAR for all the people that are saying that this was 'scripted' it is NOT!" she clarified. "As a woman that has already suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man why would I ever want to relive that? There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that!"

Tahiry asked for "privacy as I figure out the best way to address this publicly in full detail" and thanked everyone for "the love & support" she's received. Vado also addressed the controversy as well on his Instagram page with a post that reads "Nobody was hit....." and added in the caption, "Great Editing." Check it out below.