Rumors have been floating around about where Vado will sign after leaving Interscope, with most of the material coming from the rapper himself.  He was said to have signed with DJ Khaled, but then recanted the statement.  Now, in a recent interview with ThisIs50, the NY rapper talks about the possibility for forming a “super group” with Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, and Juelz Santana.  He also confirms that he has signed with We The Best.

No longer part of the Diplomats, Vado still talks with Santana often, and they have discussed the possibility of an all-NY group featuring four heavy lyricists, “We’s talkin about it, one day me, Banks, and ‘Elz, they came to my birthday party...they my brothers for real...for them to show love, and not look at me as the challenger or whatever.”  At least three of them seem to be on the same page, “we was talkin about it, ya know ‘be a super group, just smash it’.  Me, ‘Elz and Banks was on the phone together.”

Being candid, the Slime Flu rapper says he does not feel the public will accept him as on the level of the other three, “Them three they all accomplished, they all platinum artists...I need to get my feet wet...I feel I gotta come and stand right with the rest of them.”

After some confusion, and perhaps jumping the gun a bit, Vado now confirms that he is signed with We The Best.  He says a lot of people reached out when they learned he was a free agent, “’s going down man, it bout to be on and crazy...everybody got the word, and Khaled, he reached ASAP.”