After recently officially inking with We The Best, Vado talks about his decision to leave Interscope, and goes into detail about his relationship with Cam’Ron, and how Cam reacted when he decided to leave Dip Set.  He says their relationship is fine, but they operate more on a strictly business level now. 

In an interview with Vlad TV, the New York rapper talks about leaving Interscope, and how he did not feel it was a good fit with a mostly West Coast outfit, but that he did leave on good terms, “I left with love, I didn’t leave with no hate.  They gave me my first chance.”

After leaving his label, he also parted ways with Dip Set, and the Slime Flu artist says it was rough at first, but Cam understood, “At first, he felt I was buggin, but at the same time he understood...cause it was, just wasn’t fittin over there. “

Discussing the Diplomats leader, Vado has nothing but respect for him, and how he’s helped other artist’s careers, “I look at Cam as the Godfather, for me to be honest, he’s the only rapper from Harlem to put other rappers on, and made them official in the game.” 

Vado and Cam’Ron still have respect, but confine their relationship to just business now, “we still cool, know what I’m sayin, but it’s more business,” adding, “Cam just wanted me to step up anyway, he always felt I was tagging along.”